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สยาม ฟู้ดส์ คอนซัลแท็น จำกัด
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Netting and Clipping Systems - TN4200

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รหัสสินค้า :TN4200


The new TN4200 with servo-powered compression breech draws from the proven technology base of the successful TN4001. It has added dynamic features designed to reduce operating costs, increase productivity, and lower total cost of ownership for packaging hand-placed, whole muscle meats.

The machine has a noticeably longer 812mm (32 inches) breech enabling it to handle larger and longer products like boneless hams, loins, steaks, whole muscle deli slices and more. The unique servo-powered breech presses large products and changes their shapes to fit the casing or netting. Compression creates immediate processing benefits like improved cooking and slicing yields due to more uniform product shape and diameter. Finished packaging inventory mix can also be rationalized because fewer package sizes are needed.

The TN4200 is the first and only whole muscle system with a servo-driven pushing unit. It is fast acting, provides a degree of control and product consistency unachievable with a pneumatic system, and reduces overall maintenance costs due to fewer wear parts. After the meat is compressed in the servo breech the pusher starts. Each of three critical process phases – initial push, main travel, and final push – can be programmed to the needs of the application, their speeds and motions precisely controlled and continuously repeated. With a single operator the TN4200 can package 8 pieces per minute or more and uses the same reliable clipper and voider design as the proven RS series.

The TN4200 is available with an optional rucker (see brochure or video).


• Longer 812mm (32 inch) breech
• Versatile breech range from 89mm (3.5 inch) diameter to 178mm (7 inch) diameter
• Servo-powered compression breech
• Servo-driven pushing unit
• Runs shirred casings, roll stock casing or nets
• Uses same reliable clipper as the RS series
• Packages 6 to 8 pieces per minute


• Draws from proven technology base
• Runs larger, longer whole muscle meats
• Improves cooking and slicing yields due to uniform product shape and diameter
• Lowers packaging costs due to fewer required package sizes (compared to products done without a meat press)
• Improves material savings due to tail lengths cut precisely to 18.9mm (.745 inch)
• Reduces maintenance costs from servo-powered systems
• Significantly lower air consumption than the competition
• Engineered to meet hygienic design standards for easy and complete cleaning



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